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Belgiqa’s parquet is
simply some of
the world’s best.

Jeroen De Ruddere is Belgiqa’s sales representative and tells us all about his passion for wood in the interview below.

Jeroen De Ruddere is Belgiqa’s sales representative. Jeroen is familiar with the world of wood, as he’d already worked within the sector for several years before ever embarking on his Belgiqa adventure. He also loves to experiment with wood in his free time. He’s always thinking about interiors really. “Wood is a wonderful material. My job at Belgiqa allows me to combine my commercial training with my passion,” Jeroen declares.


“A few years back, a lot of engineered wood flooring was launched on the market. Many suppliers sent their products to China. The timber is sourced in France, for example, and then turned into flooring over in China. The product subsequently returns to Belgium before travelling abroad again for the final finishing. This process is horrifically bad for the environment. In recent years, the relevance of the environment and climate change have become increasingly accepted. A better alternative was essential. And that was one of the motivations behind the launch of Belgiqa,” concludes Jeroen.

“We really do our best to take the environment into account. After all, even without our love of nature, it’s also in our best interest as a business. Without the trees, we’d have no products to supply, so we’d better take good care of them.” With this in mind, each year the Woodstoxx parent company plants our own woods together with our customers, suppliers, co-workers and families. “It’s a chance for us to give something back to nature,” confirms Jeroen.

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Belgiqa stands for quality and a perfect finish with an eye for detail. The end product is always high-quality parquet that provides true added value to any interior. “Quality remains the most important to consumers, but environmental factors are gaining ground in our society, meaning that eco-friendliness increasingly influences the decision-making process as well. Additionally, we offer a wide range of colours that are not available elsewhere. That means we have a solid market position.”

Belgiqa is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the market. “It is a 100% Belgian product, of excellent quality, that is very popular compared to imported products,” states Jeroen. “We don’t practice mass production. That means we can take care of any issues at our locations in person and stay in control.”

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“Learn from the past, live in the present, prepare for the future.”

According to Jeroen, Belgiqa is currently hard at work expanding and re-positioning themselves on the market. “Before, we were mainly active in East and West Flanders, but we’d like to expand that to cover all of Belgium, Luxembourg and France as well. We hope that this will lead to some great new collaborations. At the moment we’re working on a few new ranges with some beautiful colourways. Next week I’ll be visiting the south of France. Who knows, there might be more!”