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Meet Team Belgiqa

We proudly present our fantastic team!

Robbertgreg 1
We care deeply about the environment. The time was ready for environmentally responsible, engineered wood flooring.

Robbert Desmet & Grégory Minne

The managers. Belgiqa’s brains and engine. Both felt that the market was ready for environmentally responsible parquet flooring and decided to commit fully to this goal. That’s how Belgiqa began. Considering how things have gone since then, we can now state with confidence that Belgiqa is a hit. And their work continues with undiminished enthusiasm.

Simeon jeroen ralf 1
Wood is a wonderful material. My job at Belgiqa allows me to combine my commercial training with my passion.

Simeon, Jeroen & Ralf

Our enthusiastic representatives are the signboard of Belgiqa. With their many years of experience and passion for the wood sector, they bring our product to the customer with the best possible knowledge. Since 2020, Simeon has settled permanently in London to take care of the British market and worldwide exports. Jeroen, a wood fanatic at heart, has been enthusiastically pushing mountains for all his Belgian customers for a number of years and has recently become the point of contact for the entire Benelux. Finally, by entering the German-speaking market, the successful salesman Ralf has joined our sales team. He now explores the market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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Belgiqa’s parquet is definitely some of the world’s best!

Tommy & Vincent

When we say these people have golden hands, we aren’t exaggerating. Tommy and Vincent are to Belgiqa what subflooring is to parquet. This outstanding pair is the foundation on which Belgiqa is built. Thanks to years of experience and a passion for the product, they produce beautiful work in our production centre in Menen, time after time. We’d be nowhere without Tommy and Vincent. And that’s worth saying.

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Belgiqa’s combination of genuine Belgian craftsmanship and the environmental factor makes for truly excellent products. There is so much potential here.

Louis & Bruno

Louis is our organisational mastermind. There’s a saying about the calm before the storm. Louis is the calm during the storm. Even at the most demanding moments, he stays clear-headed for us.

Louis handles planning and organisation, while our technical genius Bruno takes care of the supervision. These two keep our production running smoothly. Thanks boys!

Sebstien celine 1
Once customers see the craftsmanship revealed by our pictures of previous projects, they’re soon convinced.

Celine & Sébastien

Our creative marketing duo. Together they make Belgiqa look great, ensure a coherent brand and are ready to boost sales as needed. Their greatest goal? To encourage Belgiqa’s growth wherever they can. Everyone should know all about us, right? Well, they’re happy to shout it from the rooftops. Or on paper and social media, anyway.

Thomas steve 1
Men of all work? You must mean Thomas & Steve of all work.

Thomas & Steve

Men of all work? You must mean Thomas and Steve of all work. Thomas & Steve are always there to lend a helping hand. Not enough staff in production? A massive to-do list for the warehouse? Have no fear, Thomas and Steve are here!